Electricity transmission operations are divided between the following three organizational units:

Transmission system maintenance division ensures reliable and safe transmission system operation by preventive and emergency maintenance of proper operation of elements, facilities and systems within the transmission network. Planning, organization and implementation of investment maintenance are also carried out by the development of investment maintenance plans, project tasks, internal technical control of documentation and expert supervision. Elements and operation of the transmission system are developed and improved using modern technologies. Transmission system element operators within this division  supervise their operation and provide technical support in the management of the transmission system.

There are three regional maintenance centers within EMS for facilities and elements of the transmission system: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kruševac. 

Transmission system technical support division is in charge of planning the development of transmission system elements and facilities, technical and technological support to the maintenance of elements, facilities and systems within the transmission network, monitoring the state of elements, facilities and transmission system network, and proposing plans of measures and development. The Division develops and monitors the implementation of technical standards to meet maintenance and investment needs in network development and performs technological supervision. The Directorate also develops, collects and performs technical control of design and technical documentation for maintenance and investments in the development of the transmission network, but also provides technical support for connection activities to the transmission by issuing opinions, requirements, project tasks, etc.

ASSET Control Center develops maintenance plans and monitors their implementation, plans and carries out procurement for transmission system maintenance, monitors expenditures and manages supplies of materials and equipment. Projects for improving maintenance and exploitation of the transmission system are also managed within this center. The operation of Asset Center is based on the applicaton of modern Asset management electronic system which, on the technical side, provides better insight into the state of the equipment by improving performance and increasing the reliability of the transmission system and, on business side, allows rational use of available resources, optimization of costs and continuous improvement of maintenance process itself.