Information and communication technology (ICT) operations in EMS include the development, implementation and maintenance of technical and corporate information systems, administration and maintenance of ICT infrastructure, support to users of the information system, implementation and monitoring of ICT security mechanisms, as well as provision of telecommunication system operations.

The most important information systems for the support of business processes characteristic for the transmission system operator include:

  • SCADА/EMS systems for transmission system operation,
  • МMS system for electricity market operation,
  • DAMAS system for cross-border capacity allocation,
  • WAMS system for supervision of the transmission system operation stability,
  • SCALAR system for localising the atmosphere  electrical discharges,
  • SRAAMD system for remote reading of meters and calculation of delivered electricity,
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT system for supporting the maintenance of facilities and transmission system equipment

In addition, several technical applications for specific workflows (such as electronic dispatch logs, regional center reports, regional center events, application management, DCWEB and PTRE applications) have been developed internally.

Corporate IT system in EMS is based on the comprehensive implementation of SAP solution, which is currently the widest scope of applicaton in the public sector of the Republic of Serbia, as acknowledged by the gold medal SAP Quality Awards from 2018 for implementation of SAP Sourcing project.

The second characteristic of EMS in the field of ICT is its power system telecommunication network built under the European standards aimed at transmission, management and corporate use. Its infrastructure consists of fiber network based on optical fibers in the interior of optical ground wires (OPGW) in the total length of over 4800 km with almost 100 nodes equipped with appropriate devices. This network provides high capacity and speed of information flow. EMS telecommunication system is connected to the telecommunication systems of all adjacent transmission system operators.