In the organizational unit for Legal Affairs, strategic support for company management, legal representation of the company, drafting and harmonization of general acts and contracts, commercial legal affairs, energy law affairs, property legal affairs, ensuring general compliance with domestic and international regulations, international legal cooperation and legal support for the fulfillment of obligations arising from international regulations in the field of energy.

Regulation of the status position of EMS AD and related companies, support to management bodies, corporate functions, management of health and safety at work, legal affairs related to solving housing needs of employees, handling requests for free access to information of public importance and requests of third parties, as well as document management in office business are also performed within this function.

Legal Affairs also provides legal support for connection to the transmission system and legal support for regulating the operation and management of the transmission system and the electricity market. Also, this organizational unit provides legal support to the activities of other functions as well as to all organizational units, working groups and project teams of EMS AD in the domain of the company’s normative activities, procurement, sales, property disposal, etc.