Transmission system and electricity market operations are governed, apart from laws and bylaws, by a set of rules providing safety, reliability and transparency. These rules are developed by the transmission system operator Elektromreža Srbije and approved by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia.

Transmission Grid Code governs the issues including, but not limited to, technical requirements for the transmission system operation, technical requirements for connection to the transmission system, duties of the grid users and the transmission system operator, and the manner of planning the transmission system development.  

Market Code stipulates in more detail the issues important for electricity market operation, such as balance responsibility of market participants, balancing market, securing payments, settlement of balancing energy, and the manner of procuring system services.

Rules on the publication of electricity market fundamental data define the responsibilities of the transmission system operator, distribution system operator, electricity producers and end customers as regards market data publication.  

Cross-border capacity allocation rules specify the procedure and the allocation of cross-border capacity rights.

Rules on guarantees of origin (Domain protocol) stipulate the elements of the guarantees, procedures for their issuing, transfer and cancelation, manner of administrating the registry, monitoring and other important matters.

Procedure for connection to the transmission system) is a transparent, efficient and non-discriminatory procedure stating the sequence of activities of the transmission system operator and the applicant for connection, and the deadlines within the procedure of connecting facilities to the transmission system.

Rules for suspension and restoration of market activities define cases in which the transmission system operator may suspend market activities in the electricity sector and regulates the procedure for restoration of suspended market activities.