Nikola Obradović

Corporate Director for International and Regulatory Affairs
  • +381 11 33 30 761
  • Kneza Miloša 11, 11000 Belgrade

Nikola Obradović is the corporate director for international and regulatory affairs at the Joint Stock Company “Elektromreža Srbije”, Belgrade
He was born in 1963 in Belgrade, where he earned his high school degree at the Mathematical High School. He graduated from the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the Belgrade University and both his Bachelor and Magister theses had the load frequency control as their topic, for which he was mentored by Professor Milan Calovic. He fluently speaks English and French.
His career in electricity sector started in 1990 when he was employed by the Yugoslav Electric Power Company (JUGEL) on the job of a dispatcher, and in 1993 he moved to JP Elektroprivreda  Srbije (Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia), where he worked on frequency control. Among other things, he participated in the design, manufacture and installation of local controllers at HPP Djerdap 1 and HPP Bistrica, as well as in the implementation of SCADA/EMS systems in the National Control Center of Serbia. He joined the JP Elektromreža Srbije immediately after its establishment. From 2007 to the present day, he is the chairman of the SMM Block Working Group. Except for two years, he chaired or co-chaired the ENTSO-E RG Continental Europe SG System Frequency working group from 2011 to the present day. He is the chairman of STK C2 CIGRE Serbia – Management and operations of the electric power system and a member of STK C5 – Electricity market and regulation. He participated in the UCTE team that implemented Turkey’s connection to the European interconnection. He is a member of the ENTSO-E TF for the urgent synchronisation of the Ukrainian and Moldovan power systems. He led the development of a study for TSOs of the Baltic countries with the aim of preparing them for LFC operation. He was a member of the ENTSO-E reporting teams following the major disturbances, e.g.  9-11th  January 2019 event, 8th January 2021 and 24th July 2021 events. He is the author of several dozens of professional papers published mostly at CIGRE Serbia and CIGRE Paris conferences, as well as in European Transactions on Electrical Power.