In December 2022,  JSC „Elektromreza Srbije” adopted new Market code, which provide for the formation of the Commission for monitoring the implementation of the Market Code  as an advisory body that monitors the application of the market Code and considers initiatives for amendment of the Market Code.

The representatives of the market participants who previously arranged the balance responsibility participate in the work of the commission, namely:

  • 4 representatives of the Transmission system operator, one of them acts as the Chairperson of the Commission;
  • 1 representative of the Power producer which has the dominant participant status,
  • 1 representative of the Power producers which don’t have the dominant participant status,
  • 1 representative of the Power producers from the renewable energy sources, who is not user of feed-in tariff,
  • 1 representative of the Distribution system operators,
  • 1 representative of the Operators of closed distribution system,
  • 1 representative of the Market operators,
  • 1 representative of the Public, or guaranteed supplier,
  • 1 representative of the last resort suppliers,
  • 1 representative of the Suppliers,
  • 1 representative of the Wholesale suppliers,
  • 1 representative of Final customers whose facilities are connected to the transmission system,
  • 1 representative of Prosumers
  • 1 representative of Electricity storage operator
  • 1 representative of Aggregator.



On this occasion, we invite market participants to delegate their representatives within their participant category. The representative is chosen by mutual agreement of the market participants. Please register the selected representatives to the e-mail address by May 25, 2023. by filling out the form from the link: In the event that there are several candidates within a certain participant category of participants, the selection of representatives will be done by online voting, about which JSC EMS will subsequently inform the participants.

When choosing a representative, please keep in mind that the entire work of the commission, all meetings and documents will be in the Serbian language.

The website and documents related to the Commission’s work are available at