On July 15th 2019 RTE International and EMS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding aiming to examine potential collaboration in the form of a joint venture for the provision of services across international markets.

Before signing the Memorandum of Understanding, Elektromreza Srbije had established a new company, EMS Services, on July 4th, 2019.  EMS Services will support the national and international business of EMS and its subsidiaries in the field of consultancy, project management and engineering services. One of the key intentions for forming EMS Services was to engage EMS’ resources and those of its subsidiary companies, in order to provide all necessary services and meet the demand of the international market. Such a step forward reflects the strong intention of Elektromreza Srbije to handle the challenges of power sector transformation which have arisen from globalization, energy transition, digitalization and technological advances. EMS Services also intends to act as a central hub for international activities of major operators in the Serbian power sector, as well as a coordination centre for national energy transition.

RTE International, a company pertaining to the French Transmission system operator RTE, aims to promote its development in the Balkans region and to increase its local presence for executing projects in the field of power transmission. Through this Memorandum of Understanding, RTE International and EMS will engage in discussions on potential joint ownership of EMS Services. 

This new synergy between the two companies will offer them new opportunities to participate together in International projects, and position them both as leading companies in Energy transition in the Western Balkans area.

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