Engaged Balancing Energy and Imbalance Settlement Price


In accordance with Market Code, and in order to ensure transparency and better informing for market participants, AD EMS from 14.12.2012. publishes data of total engaged balancing energy, as well as imbalance settlement price for balancing group deviations in the control area of the Republic of Serbia for the given market day.

Settlement price (SP) for each accounting interval is determined as weighted price of activated explicit and implicit bids from the tertiary regulation, contractual deployed balancing reserve and deployed secondary regulation.

In case that the SP is negative in the accounting interval, the SP equaling to 0 EUR/МWh shall be adopted.

SP can maximum be 1.5 times greater than the maximum price for the engaged balancing energy in regulation upward in that accounting interval. AD EMS publishes preliminary and final values of engaged balancing energy and settlement price, as follows:

Preliminary: on day D+1 for market day D (on Monday for Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Final: on day D+8 for market day D

Imbalance Netting Prices – IGCC