Duško Aničić

Executive Director for System and Market Operation
  • dusko.anicic@ems.rs
  • +381 11 3970-665
  • Kneza Miloša 11, 11000 Belgrade

Duško Aničić is the executive director for system operations and electricity market at the Joint stock company Elektromreža Srbije.

He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department of Power Systems, with the work for which he received the annual award of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. He got his first job after college at the domestic company GVsistem in the field of design, programming, development, implementation of processor devices in the energy sector for protection, control and acquisition. Some of the devices have been in operation for more than twenty years, namely: generator protections (HPP Vlasina), circuit breaker protection (HPP Zvornik), synchronizers (HPP Perućica, KAP Podgorica), acquisition systems, peak power monitoring…

Since 2000, he has been employed by PE EPS in the National Control Center as a dispatcher. From 2005 to 2015, Duško Aničić worked as a dispatcher for the NCC at the Joint stock company Elektromreža Srbije, and from 2007 as a shift manager at the NCC. He became the director of the NCC department in 2015, and in 2020 he moved to the position of chief dispatcher. He was appointed Executive Director for system operations and market in February 2022.

In the UCTE association, he participates in the project team for connection of Turkish power system to the European UCTE network. In the ENTSO-E Association, he participated in the working groups SPD (System Protection and Dynamic) and CSO (Coordination System Operation). After the events of January 8, 2021, when the interconnection was separated, and when EMS played a significant role in restoration and remedy of the disturbance, he has taken part, as a representative of EMS, in the ENTSO-E team in the preparation of the report. This report was awarded by ENTSO-E.

Dusko Anicic was actively practising handball. During his handball career from 1986 to 1996, he played for the following clubs: RK Zlatar, RK Partizan, RK Sindjelic and RK BASK. He won the Serbian Cup with RK Sindjelic in 1995. He is engaged in basketball and skiing. Born in 1971 in Nova Varoš, Serbia, he is married and the proud father of twins Sofia (daughter) and Petra (son).