Domain Protocol for Serbia and required Registration Forms 
for participation in the system of guarantees of origin in Serbia

To register
an account holder in G-REX system, the following information must be submitted:


1.      User account registration request (fill in the Serbian version of the request)

2.      Original extract or certified copy of the extract from the court or commercial register (only for foreign participants)

3.      Decision on acquiring the status of producer from RES (for electricity producers from RES) or Decision on issuing a license for wholesale electricity supply, i.e.
decision on issuing a license for electricity supply (for suppliers and wholesale suppliers)

4.      Copy of passport or identity card or other identification for each authorized representative.


The request
for registration and other documentation must be submitted to the e-mail
address: . It is
necessary to indicate the EIC code in the Registration Request form.


Account Application/Amendment Form

Device Registration Form

Device Registration Form (unofficial translation)

Domain Protocol for Serbia (valid from 10.11.2019)

Domain Protocol for Serbia – scan

Form for Closing Account in the GO Register

Production/Consumption Declaration

Standard Terms and Conditions (both English – Serbian version – .docx document